Daily Dog Walking

In most households today, all members of the family are gone during the day either at work or school. While most dogs can easily handle being left alone all day, there are some cases where it is necessary for them to be taken outside mid-day. For example:


  • Puppies have smaller digestive systems and must be fed more often than adult dogs. This means they have to be taken out to relieve themselves more often as well.

  • Older dogs can acquire bladder or bowel problems as they age or need some activity to loosen stiff joints.

  • Dogs on medication sometimes show a side effect of increased thirst. Although these dogs may be housebroken, they often have a difficult time making it through the day.

  • High energy dogs can easily become bored if left alone all day. A bored dog will find his own way to amuse himself and, most likely, you will not like what he comes up with. A good exercise walk or game of fetch mid-day is a great way to release excess energy.


Each walk lasts about 20 minutes and I follow the route you specify. We do require that you provide your own leash and collar, and plastic bags so that we can pick-up after your dog.


If you have more than one dog, in most cases we can walk them at the same time. If there are too many dogs, or if they are not easily controllable, or if it is your preference, we will walk them separately.